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Feuerfuchs = πŸ”₯🦊

Software developer, hobby designer, fox in disguise.

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You know what I'd really like to see on fedi? The visibility restrictions from Google+, i.e. circles. Because there are times when I'd like to post stuff that's only visible to a subset of my followers. And creating a mass DM isn't the right way because you can't add or remove people retroactively.
Also I just noticed that in the screenshot the avatar next to the deleted messages is broken, what the heck?
I really hate that empty space behind messages, but that's where the action buttons (edit and delete) appear. :/
Screenshot_2020-01-16 Prosody I…
Kinda sounds like a blade grazes something, but I already checked and there is no visible problem.
One of my PC case's fans makes annoying noises all the time and it's slowly driving me mad