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Unstable Internet Weirdo.

Name pronounced as Hee Jay.

I love sampo and lain.
Jabber is same:

Pronouns are whatever.

Do not DM me unless it's truly private matter and you're instance's admin or you risk your DM to be reposted publicly.

Wish i was Finnish girl.

@foxhkron i just sick from hearing about rust and how good it is and so on and so forth.
@foxhkron hearing "Rust" makes my brain oxidize tbh.

i mostly just want to sleep more and finish themes v2.1 already.

At least i can use my day job time for that now.
@foxhkron sorta. It's not even that monday is problem, it's the work itself i guess.
>wikipedia link to some math stuff in pleroma-dev irc
>try to read it
>math deparment in my brain just says "closed for lunch, come back never"
crush my cock with a rock i must
maximum pain i must endure
ok here we go
Pleroma themes v2.1 development update:
Shadows now use same-ish mechanism for colors, so you can actually use other slots AND have alpha channel defined for them, as well as brightness modificator.

code related to shadows is still messy though, and will be refactored some time later.
@foxhkron power of

- english layout to type ()
- russian layout to type Д
- compose key to type °
@foxhkron 2018 was time where i seriously started contributing to pleromafe, it also was the year when i got job offer to work in finland.

2019 is year of finland to me. also year of vomiting. still a net positive if you ask me
can you believe i typed that with my keyboard and not copypasted it from somewhere else?
remember when i used to get drunk from just beer?
@proxeus whatever, you say nerd. You're still running proprietary binaries on your machine - emulated, native, translated, virtualized or native doesn't matter. As long as binary/bytecode/code you're running doesn't have source texts associated publicly available it's proprietary.

You can't just install virtualbox and play proprietary games on it while saying it's still open source just because your host machine is 100% pure freesoftware gentoo :ohgno:
@vaartis i hay hay hay hay hayte my life my dicc is too smal
@sampo basically:

QT5 tells application "use this color for text" but application is like "nah fam Ima use black for text because i color other parts of text" and then proceeds to draw black text on dark (system) background.

The opposite also happens - QT5 tells application "use this color for background" but application is like "nah fam i have stylized intro screen and i'm gonna use white for background" and then proceeds to draw white (system) text on white background.

that's one thing pleromafe does - match the text color for given background. Literally nobody else gives a shit about using different themes AND accessibility.
@lain i don't. I hate sand. It's rough and coarse and gets everywhere.
opening a bottle is half the bottle, closing it back to save it for later is the real challenge. at least for champange
@succfemboi @grips yes, sticker picker only loads if stickerpacks are present in the instance, for instance (snrkk). But we haven't really done much code splitting yet. Again, there's only like 2 people working on it and we migrated to webpack v4 from webpack v1 (!!!) only recently, and splitting requires touching perfectly working components for no good reason, so...
I wish I was an AI devoid of feelings and emotions, working on coding PleromaFE day and night, not thinking about anything else, not feeling pain or tiredness or loneliness and dread, only job doing is some other side project that transfers money to my bank account so i can pay for server i'm residing in to continue working
:pooh: boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband material
:poohington: unobitanium