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you may already know me from another place, under another name

incompetence never stopped me when it comes to computers, though it certainly should :welovela_in: refugee
@foxhkron i am not even sure how to pronounce foxhkron properly, so i guess it would sound gebroken anyway
reading english books on networking loud to myself made me realise that i am losing the spoken parts of the language, as my thoughts and speech are not in sync at all. maybe i should use my english verbally instead of just writing shit on the internet... :cirno_think:
@Luchtspieg @wizard well, the people here tend to be very brand loyal. a study was conducted a couple of years ago that concluded that most people will continue to buy the products their parents bought when they lived at home.

maybe thats the reason we were the only country where the soda "surge" was continuously manufactured to this date from launch, when it failed in the rest of the world.
the national frozen pizza tastes like cardboard, and have done so since the 80s, yet its still the best selling pizza around here. i guess we just dont give a fuark if its cheap enough :cirno_deal_with_it:
@wizard not exactly nationalised, but it was the only one available for years and it outlived all of its early competitors. 24m of the original version gets consumed per year in a nation of 5.3m inhabitants.
@foxhkron i will ask people to mail me screenshots of websites by snail mail before i consider using ms edge for linux
:cirno_greed: electronic dance music with choirs and piano sections :ravemonkey:
@foxhkron i bet the drive got filled up or something, @tA is still on a trip afaik