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your friendly neighborhood pleroma developer
I like cute things and distributed systems, and hate delete and redrafts
at which temperature does solid sanek turn to liquid :cirnoThink:
@foxhkron sure, I would be surprised if they didn't
also it processes the command just fine even if you mention it at the end of the sentence. I hope it just means it just keeps a buffer for last N seconds and not send everything to yandex in real time
forgot I am not in austria anymore and drank tap water without processing it through a filter, brb calling an ambulance
not sure how to feel when people randomly compliment my english. on the one hand uwu but on the other hand it means I still don't sound like a native
tfw autistic enough for stock trading but bank said no
table on tax info page: with your annual income, the tax will be 35% of it
calculator on the same tax info page: calculates tax as ~24% of it

who am I supposed to believe :cirnoHelp: