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anyone in brussels organizing karaoke for saturday or sunday?
building a federated alternative to irl in elixir
when i was a kid i rented zelda from the video rental store but i didn't get it
it's quite appalling how many people seem to assume that 'proper' research can only take place in academia.
rust is crumbling, and many are blaming oxidization
i saw no homeless people in the dprk, either
it's not good that people see design decisions or even failings of some fediverse software as being the foundation of the fediverse itself.
> netflix show
> there's tons of sex

it's so boring
@besserwisser @foxhkron tbh, a lot better than 'we have Foosball and beer on fridays'
@besserwisser @foxhkron "there's a lot to do after work. maybe you want to learn samba. maybe you want to spend the evening in a hot tub with beautiful women." this was about colombia.
> mastodon has group actor support

I'm sweating
Pineapple is a stupid name, let's all call it ananas
@foxhkron that rash I got from that boy in prague
i still want to play phone in bed
@feld rust is kinda like mastodon, in my mind (might be unfair characterization) - publicly very inclusive, but lots of drama and hurting each other behind the scenese.
@foxhkron @augustus @why the only people who want to have furries in handcuffs are furries
@augustus @why if there's a class of people i'd want to get locked away, it's people who post rekt videos
@foxhkron this kills the spirit. i'm very fortunate and can wake up with the sun.
@foxhkron maybe i'll really actually for rizzle my nizzle move to vietnam or thailand or something
also i've been waking up to such nice sunlight. looking out the window and seeing the trees in golden light helps, even when the trees are still naked
such nice weather the last few days, really gives me energy! i like the long days in summer in berlin, but the long nights during winter are hard.
i'm a working class hero, of course i drink every day
i think i'll go to BEAM sf in march
Wichtige Infos: Ihr Besuch bei Hatsune Miku
i wonder if we actually do come out of africa. sometimes i watch african documentaries and i get genetically homesick
> wife tells me about witcher tv show
> i tell her that it's literally the same thing that i played while she was watching for weeks

i will never understand women
if you ever use the word 'cishet' on your official project account, you really lost your marbles
*true crime* is the worst genre ever